Election Results

ward-4-resultsFrom: Joelrabin1@aol.com
To: cday@examiner-enterprise.com
Sent: 11/10/2016 3:07:41 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Dear Editor: 46% of the Ward 4 vote . . . and counting!

November 10, 2106

Dear Editor of the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise newspaper,

Mayor, members of the Council … I’m Joel Rabin. And I represent about half of the voters in Bartlesville’s Ward 4. So, here’s the story.

I publicly announced my candidacy for the City’s Ward 4 City Council seat 6 months ago back at the May 2nd meeting of the Bartlesville City Council.

On August 24th (more than 2 months ago), I publicly announced my withdrawal from the City Council race following the 70%+ vote by Bartlesville voters on August 23rd to approve the $19 million School Bond issue. At that time I claimed that the Bartlesville School Board was guilty of gross mismanagement and gross negligence. And I therefore actively supported the “VOTE NO” campaign against the Bond Issue, based largely on my prior experience with the School Board as well as on a series of stories in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise. I still hold to that position. It is also a position that is consistent with the people’s Statewide November 8th “Vote NO” on the Proposition to increase the State’s Sales Tax by 1% to further fund education … which was fortunately defeated!

On November 8th almost half (46%) of the Ward 4 voters selected me as their choice for the Ward 4 city Council seat. That in spite of the fact I formally withdrew from the Council race more than 2 months ago. So, I look at this 46% vote as sort of a mandate for me to continue opposing the backroom deals, lies and corruption here in the ‘Ville. Others may not agree. Too bad. Clearly, about half the Ward 4 voters do!

I also would like to remind the Bartlesville City Council that the heart of the Downtown’s Historic Business District is located in my Ward … Ward 4. It is not in Councilman-elect Jim Curd’s Ward 3. I have actively fought for the best interests of business and property owners in the Downtown’s Historic Business District ever since I arrived in Bartlesville 12 years ago. Mr. Curd is a relative Johnny-Come-Lately to the critical issues to be addressed for the Downtown’s Historic Business District. And I also believe Councilman-elect Alan Gentges has virtually no prior experience worthy of note in the Downtown Business District. And for that matter, I don’t believe either one of them is familiar with or has fought on behalf of key Ward 4 issues such as the closing of Oak Park Elementary School, the West Side Redevelopment Plan, the radical rezoning of 4115 Minnesota Street by the City Council, etc., etc., etc.

Mayor, members of the Council … I’m Joel Rabin. And I represent about half of the voters in the City’s Ward 4.

And I think we’ve got our own swamp to clean up right here in Bartlesville! And I’m going to try to play an important part in that much-needed Clean-up.

Joel Rabin