Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Exposes the ‘Underbelly’ of the School Board

Absolutely Unbelievable! People are seriously wondering if the Bartlesville School Board is composed of well-trained incompetents who are also grossly negligent . . . or if they are just the world’s lousiest planners and priority-setters?

Just look at the front-page story in today’s August 14th, Sunday edition of the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise. We are told that there is this little room at Ranch Heights Elementary School that is just jam-packed with all kinds of mechanical stuff . . . including, GET THIS, an almost 60-year old “rusted, old boiler that is just barely hanging on.”

Good Lord, what is the matter with these people on the School Board? Inquiring minds are asking if they are totally bereft of brains (aka witless)! This School Board got almost $40 million less than 3 years ago. They have spent tens of millions on a fancy addition to the High School. But “half of the School bus fleet is unsafe” and an old boiler at one of their elementary schools is “barely hanging on”? Is this or is it not grosses incompetence and negligence beyond the pale?

Let’s see now . . . your roof is falling in on the kids and the electrical wiring in your home is so screwed-up that everybody is likely to get electrocuted in the near future. So, what do you do?

If you are a normal person with an IQ exceeding 50 . . . you fix that stuff, if you have the money.

If you are the School Board, which actually does have the money . . . it appears you build a big, beautiful, expensive pool in the backyard . . . away from the house, so it doesn’t get hit by the falling roof or maybe get you electrocuted by the bad electrical wiring!

By the way, School Board . . . what does the Oklahoma State Inspector say about your letting a major boiler in one of your elementary schools get to the point where it’s probably dangerous to the kids, teachers and everybody else in the school?

Once again, the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise has been kind enough to expose the “underbelly” (or over-arrogance) of the School Board.  Does the School Board actually think that 60% of the voters in this City are the nitwits they believe they are? The upcoming August 23rd School Bond vote should amply settle that matter! Please do the City, the citizens, the teachers, and especially the kids a favor . . . VOTE NO on August 23rd!

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