The Truth Shall Set you Free…The School Board, School Bond & City Council

August 15, 2016

This is the 7th “weekly” 30-second CableOne Ad for my Ward 4 City Council candidacy (in HD) entitled, “The Truth Shall Set You Free . . . The School Board, School Bond & City Council”. It comes directly from my Public Comment to the Bartlesville City Council on Monday, August 1st. It starts August 15th, and will be shown through August 23rd (the day of the School Bond vote), on seven key CableOne TV channels . . . A&E, Discovery, ESPN, HGTV, TBS, Fox News, and the Food Channel.

My redirection to an all-out “VOTE NO” campaign against the August 23rd School Bond vote came on the heels of our local media’s reporting . . . and the School Board’s admitting . . . that the half of the School District’s bus fleet is “Outdated and Unsafe”. That did it for me personally, in terms of the School Board “going over the top”.

And now . . . to add insult to injury . . . our local newspaper has reported yet another “explosive” front-page story in yesterday’s August 14th, Sunday edition that appears to even further demonstrate the gross incompetence and near-unbelievable negligence of the Bartlesville School Board. We are told that there is a little room at Ranch Heights Elementary School that is just jam-packed with all kinds of mechanical stuff . . . including, GET THIS, an almost 60-year old “rusted, old boiler that is just barely hanging on.” Our heartfelt thanks to the Examiner-Enterprise for exposing to the public and the voters the School Board’s apparent disregard for human life.

So let’s see where we are now. This School Board got almost $40 million less than 3 years ago. They have spent tens of millions on a fancy addition to the High School. But “half of the School bus fleet is unsafe” . . . and now we are told an old boiler at one of their elementary schools is “barely hanging on”. What next? Lead paint is falling into the kid’s hot school lunches?


NOTICE #1: A “VOTE NO” Facebook page is also now up and running at “Vote No Bruin Bond 2016”. Please take a look . . . and Share. It’s has lots more information about why you should VOTE NO on the School Bond issue on August 23rd.

NOTICE #2: My own “JOEL RABIN” CANDIDATE WEBSITE is now up-and-running . . . Please take a look, Share it, and as always . . . comments and suggestions are welcome.


And again, our special thanks to the owner of our local radio station . . . Kevin Potter . . . who is permitting me to do a 15-minute interview about the “VOTE NO” Campaign on KWON’s 1400 AM station. It will appear twice at 9:45am . . . first, this Wednesday, August 17th, and then on the morning of the School Bond vote, August 23rd. It should be interesting, especially since I expect our local radio star, Charlie Taraboletti, will be the one interviewing me.

Finally, back to my 30-second CableOne ads. As usual, comments on my CableOne ads are welcome. To my friends, I say . . . bring on the (constructive) criticism. To those who are “detractors & un-friends” . . . please don’t waste our time with meaningless and/or stupid dribble!

‘Nuff said. Have a Good Day!


P.S. Please “Share” and pass these messages on in the spirit of my City Council campaign . . . and hopefully, in serving the best interests of the City. – The Truth Shall Set you Free…


4 thoughts on “The Truth Shall Set you Free…The School Board, School Bond & City Council

  1. Reblogged this on Finding Gems and Sharing Them and commented:

    For your careful consideration because a friend told me (and I agree) that it is worse than you think. First the current school board has not done a good job of setting priorities, second there is a faulty growth assumption built into their numbers, and third we all need to learn to live within our means! Vote No on August 23rd and let’s save our community from bonded indebtedness that we cannot afford./sc


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