Announcement August 25th – Withdrawing Candidacy for Ward 4

Withdrawal from my Bartlesville City Council Ward 4 Candidacy
It is with regret and deep disappointment that I am making the following announcement. Sorry folks.
August 25, 2016
More than 70% of those who voted in Tuesday’s Bartlesville School Board election voted “Yes”. As a result, I asked myself two questions:

1. What do the results of this School Bond vote tell us about the voter’s general political preferences and willingness to “challenge the system” (even behind the safety of a voting booth)?
2. What impact, if any, did my public opposition to the School Bond actually have on the final vote?

After careful consideration of the likely answers to these two questions, I have come to the conclusion that my continued candidacy for the City’s Ward 4 seat is pretty much a waste of the voters’ time and my time.

I am therefore withdrawing my candidacy for the Bartlesville City Council’s Ward 4 seat.

I also want to wish the City good luck on its selection of City Council members.
Joel Rabin